When Should Small Business Use Mediation

Mediation is a faster, cheaper more effective way to handle disagreements in business.

Any business, but specifically small business’  may benefit from using mediation, rather than pursuing disputes into courts. Running any business your likely to run into conflict with other businesses, employees, customers, vendors, or even with their own business partners, but unlike corporations, small business often lack public relations, human resources, and legal departments to help them deal with these conflicts.

As a small business it can be an overwhelming proposition to come up with the time, money, and expertise to deal with even a minor dispute through legal means. More importantly, unless the situation is resolved in a positive way, the hostility created could affect an owner’s personal life, creating awkward encounters in the local or industrial business community.

Mediation is an efficient and effective way to resolve disputes and build community among small business people and their vendors, customers, employees and local community partners.

The Mediation Motivation

Mediation offers another way to resolve conflict, a disput resolution program that that can help you and the other party come to a real understanding and find a resolution that satifys both parties needs their interests and in many cases preserving the relationship.  In mediation, a neutral third person — the mediator — meets with parties who are having a conflict to help them try to work it out together. Having participated in the creation of an agreement parties are more likely to abide by and satisfy the agreement. Additionally, having participated in the process many are able to use the experience should they run into problems in the future.

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Costs of Mediation

Mediation is almost always significantly less expensive than hiring a lawyer. Mediation works more quickly then the legal system, and involves the disputants and the mediator, rather than lawyers, witnesses and eventually a judge. It is easy to understand why mediation works, quickly and is less costly.

The Results of Mediation

A majority of mediation’s result in settlements. At the conclusion of your mediation sessions you will likely leave with a signed agreement or, a signed memorandum of understanding, outlining what you and the other party have agreed to. You have the choice of making the agreement enforceable through court, many mediated agreements are part of a court ordered settlement enforceable by the Judge and his court.

Should the disputing parties not reach a resolution in mediation, nothing has been lost. In most cases it is a helpful step providing additional understanding of how the other person sees the problem. If you fail to come to an agreement in Mediation the court systems and legal action is still an option to find resolution of the issue.


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