Welcome to C4 Legal Assistance & Mediation, providing professional service for your business and for your life, to all of Santa Barabra County. Affordable Business Consulting, Mediation, Paralegal and Legal Document Assistance, and Public Notary services anywhere in Santa Barbara County. Our experienced professionals will assist you in keeping your business on track and moving towards your goals. With over 80 years of hands on professional experience with Start-ups, turn arounds small, medium and large business ventures, we can help. Helping your company stay in compliance, use reliable and proven documents, and ensure payment and collection. C4 Mediation is an informal and confidential way to resolve disputes, both professional and personal, with the help of a neutral mediator. Through mediation both parties can contribute to a resolution that is biding and agreable to all involved. Dealing with legal and compliance issues is not just a business provlem and at C4 we can make those personal legal question easy to handle. Having helped families deal with everything from divorce filings, wills and trust to small claims issues evenĀ notarizing real estate documents. Our staff of experienced Paralegals and Legal Document Assistants have been trained to provide the highest level of legal services. As a company, our goal is to handle your legal filings in a professional and efficient manner.